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Call to action

Important information:
This component requires documentation.


Example Call To Action Default contents


{% from "components/call-to-action/_macro.njk" import onsCallToAction %}
        "headingText": 'Call to action heading.',
        "paragraphText": 'Descriptive text about call to action',
        "button": {
            "text": 'Start',
            "url": '#0'

Nunjucks macro options

headingTextstringtrueThe heading for the component
paragraphTextstringfalseThe descriptive text for the component
buttonObject<CTAButton>trueSettings for the call to action button
textstringtrueThe text label for the button
urlstringtrueThe URL for the href attribute of the button link


<div class="ons-call-to-action">
  <div class="ons-container">
    <div class="ons-grid ons-grid--flex ons-grid--vertical-center ons-grid--no-wrap@s">
      <div class="ons-grid__col ons-col-auto ons-u-flex-shrink@s">
        <h2 class="ons-call-to-action__heading ons-u-fs-r--b ons-u-di">Call to action heading.</h2>
        <p class="ons-call-to-action__text ons-u-di">Descriptive text about call to action</p>
      <div class="ons-grid__col ons-col-auto ons-u-flex-no-grow ons-u-mt-xs@xxs@s">
        <a href="#0" role="button" class="ons-btn ons-btn--small ons-btn--link ons-js-submit-btn">
          <span class="ons-btn__inner"><span class="ons-btn__text">Start</span><svg class="ons-icon ons-u-ml-xs"
              viewBox="0 0 17 13" xmlns="" focusable="false" fill="currentColor">
                d="m10 .2-.9.9c-.1.1-.1.4 0 .5l4 4H.6c-.2 0-.4.2-.4.4v1.2c0 . 3.7c-.2.2-.2.4 0 .6l.8.9c. 0L16.8 7c.2-.2.2-.4 0-.6L10.7.3c-.3-.2-.5-.2-.7-.1z" />

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