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Skip to content

Use the skip to content component to allow assistive technology and keyboard-only users to skip to the main content on a page.

This helps these users bypass repeated focus on persistent page elements, such as top-level navigation.


All Office for National Statistics (ONS) pages must use the skip to content component above the header to fulfil WCAG 2.1 criterion 2.4.1 (opens in a new tab) 

Important information:

To view this component tab to the example, or click inside this example and press the tab key

Example Skip To Content contents


{% from "components/skip-to-content/_macro.njk" import onsSkipToContent %}
        "url": '#main',
        "text": 'Skip to content'

Nunjucks macro options

urlstringtrueThe anchor for the main content
textstringfalseThe text for the skip link, defaults to 'Skip to content'


<a class="ons-skip-to-content" href="#main">Skip to content</a>

How to use this component

The component is visually hidden until it is brought into focus with a keyboard press.

It should be the first element of page content, or immediately follow the cookies banner.

It should link to the page’s <main> element using the id for the anchor link.

Base page template

The skip to content component is automatically included and links to the main element with an id of “main-content”, if you are using the base page template.

You can override this by manually adding it using the skipLink block.

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