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The footer provides links to supplementary information about your service and the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

It also includes a row of links to required legal information, such as:

  • cookies
  • copyright
  • licensing
  • accessibility

When to use this component

Use the ONS footer or an appropriate variant at the bottom of every page of your ONS service.



Use the columns to group lists of secondary navigation.


Use this within a transaction funnel, such as a questionnaire. This variant shows a reduced set of links.

To prevent the user leaving a transaction, all footer links can be set to open in a new tab. To avoid repeating the new tab icon when setting "target": '_blank' for each link, you can set the newTabWarning before the links.


To display the organisation logo and Open Government Licence (OGL) content in Welsh, set "lang": 'cy'

Alternative organisation

Use this when a service is being provided by one of our partner organisations.

Use the poweredBy property to set an image path or inline svg for the organisation’s logo.

With the Royal Coat of Arms

To display the Royal Coat of Arms in the footer, set "crest": true

Services using the ONS Address Index API must display Copyright information, this is set using copyrightDeclaration.

Use this along with a ghost button in the header to “exit” the session if you need to show sensitive information after the user has completed a transaction, such as the user’s address or a response ID.

The warning link and header button should clear any sensitive data stored in the session and send the user to a page outside the transaction.


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