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The password component lets the user enter a hidden password which they can show if they need to check what they’ve entered.

Example: Example Password contents


{% from "components/password/_macro.njk" import onsPassword %}

        "id": "password",
        "label": {
            "text": "Password"
        "showPasswordText": "Show password"

Nunjucks macro options

idstringtrueThe HTML id of the input. Used for the label’s for attribute.
labelLabel (ref)trueSettings for the input label. The for attribute will be automatically set to use the value of the input’s id.
showPasswordTextstringtrueText for the “Show password” checkbox toggle label
namestringfalseThe HTML name attribute for the input
fieldIdstringfalseThe HTML id for the field
fieldClassesstringfalseClasses for the field
errorError (ref)falseConfiguration for validation errors


<div class="ons-field ons-js-password">
  <label class="ons-label" for="password">Password</label>
  <span class="ons-checkbox ons-js-password-toggle-wrap ons-checkbox--toggle ons-u-d-no">
    <input type="checkbox" id="password-toggle" class="ons-checkbox__input ons-js-checkbox ons-js-password-toggle"
      value="" name="show-password">
    <label class=" ons-checkbox__label " for="password-toggle" id="password-toggle-label">Show password</label>
  <input type="password" id="password"
    class="ons-input ons-input--text ons-input-type__input ons-u-mt-xs ons-js-password-input" />

When to use this component

Use the password component when you need users to create or enter secret information they are likely to want hidden while they enter it.

How to use this component

The <input> and <label> is separated by a checkbox component with classes .ons-js-password-toggle-wrap and .ons-checkbox--toggle on the wrapping <div> and .ons-js-password-toggle on the <input>.

Help improve this page

Let us know how we could improve this page, or share your user research findings. Discuss the ‘Password’ component on GitHub (opens in a new tab)