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For everyone Communicating with people in Wales


The Office for National Statistics (ONS) creates bilingual documents in English and Welsh when communicating with people in Wales.

When a document is:

  • in English only, we will only use the ONS logo in English
  • in Welsh only, we will only use the Welsh logo
  • bilingual, the Welsh will come first and we will use the bilingual version of the logo

Any document created in English for a Welsh audience must also note that a Welsh version is available.

There is further guidance from the Welsh government on communicating in Welsh (opens in a new tab) 

More general guidance on communicating bilingually is available on GOV.UK (opens in a new tab) 

Household communications

We recommend all communications sent to households in Wales should be produced in English and Welsh.

When designing materials, we:

  • produce booklets in a tilt and turn format
  • send letters as separate English and Welsh documents or double sided where possible
  • make flyers and leaflets double sided, if possible, with English on one side and Welsh on the other

When producing separate Welsh and English communications, make sure both versions are available at the same time.

Campaign communications

TV and radio

We will produce television, cinema, radio and advertising separately in English and Welsh.

Campaigns shown on S4C or broadcast on Radio Cymru will be solely in Welsh.


Newspaper advertisements should be bilingual when placed in an English language newspaper published in Wales.

Adverts placed in Welsh language publications should be produced in Welsh only.

Digital media

We will produce English, Welsh and bilingual video and static adverts for social media and digital advertising.

The Welsh-only campaigns should be aimed at Welsh-only speakers, if given the option to target a specific language.

Large format

We will produce large-scale advertising bilingually. These include:

  • billboards
  • exhibition stands
  • bus advertising

Email and text message

Emails and text messages will be bilingual unless we have prior knowledge of the language a recipient prefers.

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