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Prototyping ONS Prototype Kit


To build high-fidelity prototypes using the latest styles and components from our design system, you can use the ONS Prototype Kit on GitHub (opens in a new tab) .

Installing the prototype kit

Before you start, you will need to download and install:

You will also need a terminal application and code editor, such as Visual Studio Code (opens in a new tab) 

For full installation instructions, follow the prototype kit setup guide on GitHub (opens in a new tab) 

Creating a new prototype

When you use the template to create a GitHub repository for your prototypes, it will contain a file in the root directory, with guidance on how to start creating a new prototype and run it locally on your device.

Publishing your prototype online

You will need to publish your prototype online if you want to:

  • share it with colleagues or stakeholders
  • test it with users on their own devices

The prototype kit outputs a folder of static files and assets that need to be deployed to the host server.

To publish your prototype online, you will need a web hosting service that can deploy a static website, such as:

You can also use Heroku (opens in a new tab) , but this is a paid service.

Hosting settings

When setting up your hosting service you will need to create a static site project, which you can choose to connect directly to your prototype repository on GitHub.

Give your project a name, and check the following settings:

  • build command: yarn build
  • publish root directory: build
Important information:

If you need any help installing the prototype kit, or creating or publishing your prototype, email the design system team at (opens in a new tab) 

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