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Writing and editing Titles and headings

A release or publication title should:

  • be under 65 characters including spaces
  • use plain language to describe the statistics in the release
  • reflect the language of our users
  • include the geographical coverage and time period the statistics are about
  • be in sentence case, apart from any proper nouns
  • use a colon instead of hyphens or dashes, and a comma if you need a second separator

Index of Production, UK: December 2021
Baby names in England and Wales: 2020

A release title should not:

  • be excessively long, or it will cut off in the search results
  • contain jargon or technical language
  • include abbreviations or acronyms unless they are well known, for example, UK, GDP or EU

GDP monthly estimate, UK: December 2022 (39 characters)


Monthly estimate of Gross Domestic Product in the United Kingdom: December 2021 (79 characters)

All titles, subtitles, headings and subheadings should be written in sentence case.

Only the following words should be capitalised:

  • the first word of the title or subtitle
  • the first word of the section heading or subheading
  • proper nouns, such as the names of countries, months, specific statistical time periods (for example, Quarter 1 (Jan to Mar) 2021), organisations, and specific surveys and indices
  • nouns when they are followed by numbers or letters, for example, Table 1, Figure A

Read more about how to write clear and descriptive headings and subheadings

Labour market overview, UK: March 2020
Child and infant mortality in England and Wales: 2019
UK House Price Index: December 2020
Figure 1: In 2018, renewable generation was 11 times greater than in 2003

Use title case for publication titles, such as Psychology Today and The New York Times. Do not use italics.

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